EURODENT-Aqua Dental Ltd. a dental clinic at Mosonmagyaróvár (hereinafter called: Data Controller), operator of the website with the domain name (hereinafter called: Website) by these Presents informs all concerned of the rules of data control carried out thereby on or in connection with its Website.

Before using the Website, please, read carefully the present Statement on Data Protection and Information on Data Control.

By commencing to use the Website the users of the Website – hereinafter called: Users - accept all conditions set down in the present Information on Data Control. Users can communicate their data to and on the Website in two different ways:

  • personal data communicated to the Data Controller solely and exclusively in the course of using the Website’s services (see Part „A”)
  • data placed at the Data Controller’s disposal in the context of using or visiting the Website (see Part “B”)

1) Control of Data Furnished by the Users

1/1 Data of the Data Controller

The controller of the data is EURODENT-Aqua Dental Ltd. (address of seat: 9200 Mosonmagyaróvár, Győri kapu u. 7; represented by: Mr. Andras Kenese; e-mail address:

1/2 Scope of Data Controlled

  • Entering into contact:
    On the Website, under item “Contact” in the menu Users may give their data for the purpose of contacting – hereinafter called: Contacting - our company as Data Controller through our website and may also make notes in connection with the activity of the Data Controller. Users (data subjects) may give the following personal data in the course of Contacting us: 
    name (mandatory)
    e-mail address (mandatory) 
    subject message

Those are only private individuals (natural persons) of full legal capacity who can give their data through the Website.

1/3 Goal and Duration of Data Control

The Data Controller shall use the data in connection with the provision of services available through or from the Website for the following purposes:

  • during Contacting in which case the goal of data control is to render the services available through the Website possible and in the course of these, contacting the Users interested in the services of the Data Controller and keeping in touch with them, furnishing them information and managing the remarks they may make in connection with the activity of the Data Controller.

The Data Controller shall control the data as long as the goal of data control subsists, thus, in case of making Contact for 30 days, at the maximum, from the initiation of Contacting or until the Users ask for the deletion of their data or withdraw their permit for the control of their personal data.

1/4 The Users consent to their personal data being controlled during Contacting in the manner as such is regulated by the present Information on Data Control. The control of personal data relies on the voluntary informed consent of the Users (which means that the Users are familiar with the present Information on Data Control). The consent is given by the Users entering the code they see under the message field. Users can give only their own personal data to the Website. If they give the personal data of someone else, it is their duty to seek for and obtain this data subject’s consent.

1/5 Circle of People Authorized to have Access to the Personal Data and Data Processing

It is the Data Controller who is authorized to have access to the personal data.

The Data Controller shall not hand over the data of the given User to any third party. The Data Controller shall handle only such data as the User may have furnished in e-mail or through the Data Controller’s Website.

The Data Controller pursues no such marketing activity as would require the use of data from other resources regarding the Users and does not sell the data of the Users, either.

1/6 Rights of the Users

At the Users’ request the Data Controller shall inform the Users of the Users’ personal data handled by the Data Controller, their source, the goal and duration of and legal basis for the their control, the name, address and activity of the Data Controller and in the event that the data of the Users (data subjects) are transmitted, then the legal basis and addressee of the data transmission. Information may be requested by an e-mail message to the e-mail address, or by mail to the following postal address 9200 Mosonmagyaróvár, Győri kapu u. 7.,in both cases proving the identity of the dispatcher of the message/letter and his/her mailing address. The Data Controller shall respond to the e-mail message or letter within 20 (twenty) days after the receipt thereof.

Users (data subjects) may ask for the correction of their personal data, stating the correct ones. The relevant request shall also be sent to the above e-mail or postal address. The request shall be honoured free of charge only that the requester shall prove his/her identity. No reasons must be given for it. The Data Controller shall see to the data control to be terminated immediately upon receipt of the deletion request and of the data of the requester to be deleted from the records of the Data Controller.

Instead of deletion the Data Controller shall block the personal data if the Users so request, or if, based on the information available, there are reasonable grounds to believe that deletion should be detrimental to the lawful interests of the Users. The personal data so blocked can only be controlled as long as the reason (data control goal) which excluded the deletion of personal data subsists.

In the event that the Data Controller does not comply with the request of Users for correction, blocking or deletion of their personal data, then, within 25 (twenty-five) days the Data Controller shall inform the Users in writing of the rejection of their requests for correction, blocking or deletion and give the legal grounds, and notify the Users of the possibility of judicial remedy or the possibility to seek redress from the Nemzeti Adatvédelmi és Információszabadság Hatóság (National Authority of Data Protection and Freedom of Information).

Users may protest against the control of their personal data, if

  • except for the case of mandatory data control, the control or transmission of their personal data is required solely for the Data Controller to meet some of the Data Controller’s obligations by law, or for the enforcement of the Data Controller’s or any third party’s legal interests,
  • the transmission of personal data is for canvassing business directly, or for some opinion poll or scientific research, or
  • in other cases as defined by law.

The Data Controller shall examine the protests within the shortest possible time after filing, but within 15 days, at the maximum, and decides on whether it is or not well-founded. The Data Controller shall inform the Users of the Data Controller’s decision on the protests in writing. If the Users disapprove the Data Controller’ decision or if the Data Controller fails to meet the above deadline, then the Users may within 30 days after the communication of the decision to them or the last day of the failed term refer their complaints to court.

With a view to ask for information in the cases mentioned above Users may contact the Data Controller by phone No. +3696578250 Our telephone exchange lines, however are not suitable for client identification, therefore, in cases touching concrete data control we can communicate only in writing.

2/ Other Information Gathered in Connection with or in the Course of the Use of the Website –Cookies

2/1 What are the Types of Information we Gather in Connection with the Use of the Website

Insofar as Users do not specifically state on the Website personal data or information in connection with themselves then the Data Controller shall not collect, use or control any personal data of the Users based whereupon the persons of the Users could be identified.

By visiting the Website and entering the code all Users consent to the Data Controller to record the data and information described in Part 2 of the present Information on Data Control, and to use the cookies necessary for recording.

The data as aforesaid include those data of the Users’ PC that are generated during the use of the Website and are, as an automatic result of technical processes, recorded by the system used by the Data Controller. Unless the Users provide otherwise by the help of a separate statement or act to this end, every time when the Users enter the Website and leave, the system records in a work log the data that are to be automatically recorded. These data are not linked to other personal data of the Users, which means that the Users cannot be identified on their basis. Those are only the Data Controller and the Data Processor commissioned thereby who have access to this type of data. These data can be collected by the help of different web technologies, such as cookies, web beacons, log files.

They include the following information:

Cookies: cookies are short text files containing information on the Users sent by the Website to the hard disc of the User’s PC. Log files: The internet browser automatically transports also certain other data to the Website, such as the IP address of the Users' PC, the operation system used by the Users, the type of browser, the domain name from which Users came to the Website, and the sub-pages and contents visited on the Website.

Similarly to other internet services providers, the Data Controller shall analyze these data to find out which fields of the Website are the most popular and shall use the information obtained to develop and adjust the contents of the Website according to the demand of the Users.

2/2 How do we Use these Information?

The data collected using the above technologies cannot be used for the identification of the Users and the Data Controller does not link them, either, to any data with which jointly they might be suitable for the identification of the Users.

The primary goal of the use of these data is to help the Data Controller to operate the Website properly. To facilitate this, monitoring the number of visitors, and the screening of the incidental abuse or misuse of the Website are also inevitable. The data defined in the present Information on Data Control can be used by the Data Controller also for establishing the Users’ personal preferences (the contents most frequently visited on the Website) and for remembering your password.

Besides the above, the Data Controller can use these pieces of information also for analysing the trends and tendencies of use, and improving and developing the functions of the Website, and to obtain comprehensive turnover data on the use of the Website as a whole.

The Data Controller can use the data so obtained for preparing statistics in connection with the use of the Website and to transmit to third persons statistical data not suitable for the identification of anyone (e.g., the number of visitors or registered users, the most frequented themes and contents) and to summarize and publish them anonymously.

2/3 The Possibility for Switching off Cookies

If you would prefer the Data Controller not to collect the above data in connection with your use of the Website, then you can in your browser either partially or fully switch off the use of cookies or can modify the messages they deliver.

In this case you accept, however, that the Website can present contents which are not pre-selected according to your preferences and also that certain services shall not be available in this way, or not in the manner as they would be were cookies permitted, and that the Data Controller cannot secure the same adventure of use as he could with the use of cookies.

2/4 Cookies posted by third persons

The Website can contain information and, especially advertisements and promotion, which come from third persons (advertising services providers), who are not in touch with the Data Controller. These third persons also post cookies and web beacons on the PC of the Users or, using similar technologies, may collect data so that they would be able to send promotion messages to the Users regarding their services. In these cases for data control the data protection regulations of these third persons shall apply to Data Control and the Data Controller assumes no liability whatsoever for the data control of these third persons.

3/ Links

The Data Controller assumes no responsibility or liability for the contents of and the data and information protection practice used with respect to outer websites that are accessible from the Website as jumping point. In the event that Data Controller learns that the website the link of which was placed there by onthe website or the linking itself infringes the rights of third person or any statutory provision in force, then the link shall be removed from the Website immediately.

4/ Data Security

The Data Controller covenants to secure the safety of the data and to introduce all the technical and organizational measures and elaborate all the policies and procedural rules that are needed to ensure protection to the recorded, stored or controlled data and to hinder their destroyal, unauthorized use or amendment. The Data Controller also covenants to instruct all third parties to whom the Data Controller transmits data with the consent of the Users to comply with the musts of data security.

The Data Controller provides for the protection against unauthorized access, publication, transmission, amendment and deletion of the data handled thereby. The controlled data can be known only by the Data Controller, the Data Controller’s employees and the Data Processor hired there by. The latter cannot transmit the data to any third person not having the authority of access thereto.

The Data Controller shall use the Data Controller’s best efforts to hinder the accidental damage to or destroyal of the data and shall make his employees participating in data control to do the same.

Users acknowledge and accept that in case that their data are communicated to the Data Controller through the latter’s Website, full protection thereof on the net against unauthorized access or spying cannot be guaranteed, although the Data Controller has state-of-art security tools and equipment. Should any unauthorized access be successful despite of our efforts to hinder this, the Data Controller shall not be responsible or liable for data stealing or unauthorized access and for the loss or damages of the Users resulting therefrom. In addition, it is also possible that the data have been given to third persons, who have used them unlawfully or in any other manner whatsoever by the very User.

The Data Controller shall in no way and under no circumstances gather special data, i.e., data relating to racial origin, nationality, belonging or not to some ethnical minority, political opinion, party affiliation, religious or other views, memberships in interest representing organizations, state of health, addiction, sexual habits or criminal history concerning Users (data subjects).

5) Possibilities for the Enforcement of Rights

The Data Controller shall use the Data Controller’s best efforts to ensure that the control of personal data is in conformity with the statutory provisions. Inasmuch as Users feel that the Data Controller is in breach of any statutory provision, he or she may right to the e-mail address or the 9200 Mosonmagyaróvár, Győri kapu u. 7. postal address.

If the Users believe that their right to the protection of their personal data has not been observed then, according to the applicable statutory provisions the User may seek remedy from the following competent organs:

  • Nemzeti Adatvédelmi és Információszabadság Hatóság (National Authority of Data Protection and Freedom of Information) (address: 1125 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/C)
  • courts.

As regards advertising materials sent electronically the Nemzeti Média- és Hírközlési Hatóság (National Media and Infocommunications Authority) is competent. The detailed regulations can be found in Act CXII/2011 on Information Self-Determination and the Liberty of Information and Act XVIII/2001 on Certain Issues of Electronic Commerce Services and Information Society Services.

6) Other Provisions

Taking into consideration Hungarian law and, especially, Act CXII/2011 on Information Self-Determination and the Liberty of Information, REGULATION 2016/679(EU) of the EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND COUNCIL shall apply to the present Information on Data Protection.

The Data Controller reserves the right to unilaterally amend the present Information on Data Protection with the Users being notified in advance.

Mosonmagyaróvár, 25. May 2018

EURODENT-Aqua Dental Kft.
Data Controller

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